The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition / A Pictorial Survey of the Most Beautiful Achitectural Compositions of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Produced by David A. Schwan

The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition

A Pictorial Survey of the Most Beautiful of the Architectural

Compositions of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

With an Introduction by

Louis Christian Mullgardt


Architect of the Court of Ages

Member of the Architectural Commission of the Exposition


San Francisco

The courtesy of the Cardinell-Vincent Company, official photographers of
the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, of granting permission to
reproduce the selection of official photographs appearing in this
volume, is gratefully acknowledged

To the spirit of Community Loyalty by which greatest results are
accomplished. To generous Collective Energy which unites the world’s
people in universal kindliness. To the wholesome people of our San
Francisco, whose united efforts unconsciously disproved the impossible,
this book is affectionately dedicated.

L. C. M.


International Expositions are independent kingdoms in their corporate
relation with other countries of the world. They are phantom kingdoms
wherein the people do everything but sleep. They germinate and grow with
phenomenal energy. Their existence is established without conquest and
their magic growth is similar to the mushroom and the moonflower; they
vanish like setting suns in their own radiance. Thousands of neophytes
of every race, creed and color come with willing hearts and hands to do
homage and bear manna to nourish the sinews of a phantom kingdom.

The National Constitution of phantom kingdoms commands that the Spirit
of beauty, refinement, education, culture and frolic shall govern. The
result is that they contain many palaces and shrines decorated with
sculpture and painting and that the earth is studded with fountains and
pools within tropical gardens. Such a Kingdom exists within a wonderful
valley bordering on a great sea. It is surrounded by high velvet hills
of fine contour and by many real cities. As the people look down on this
phantom kingdom from the hill-tops, or from ships sailing on the water,
they see Architecture nestling like flamingoes with fine feathers
unfurled within a green setting.

If building Phantom Kingdoms symbolizes man’s highest aims on earth,
then the same is true when building Real Kingdoms. Architecture and the
sister arts are the most reliable barometers in recording human thought.
They are direct exponents of a universal language wherein national
progress is most clearly read.

People who build Phantom Kingdoms look hopefully for universal approval
by all mankind.



Reflection. Louis Christian Mullgardt

The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition.

   Louis Christian Mullgardt


The Rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts—A View by Night. Hilda Van

   Sicklen, photo. (Frontispiece)

Panorama—Exposition from Presidio Heights. W. Zenis Newton, photo

Tower of Jewels—The Illumination by Night. J. L. Padilla, photo

Fountain of Energy—A View in the South Gardens. W. Zenis Newton, photo

Festival Hall—South Gardens and Mermaid Pool. W. Zenis Newton, photo

Festival Hall—The Terrace and Colonnade. W. Zenis Newton, photo

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