The Widow O’Callaghan’s Boys

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[Illustration: CAN'T I DIPIND ON YE B'YS?]




The Widow O’Callaghan’s Boys

  (1904, 10th edition)





Can’t I depind on ye, b’ys?

It’s your father’s ways you have

For every one carried something

“Cheer up, Andy!” he said

Mrs. Brady looked at the tall, slender boy

Pat donned his apron

“I’ve good news for you, Fannie,” said the General

The General makes the gravy

Pat doing the marketing

Pat and Mike building the kitchen

Up on the roof sat Mike with his knife

Barney and Tommie a-takin’ care of the geese

The merchant turned to the girl clerk

Mrs. O’Callaghan looked astonished

Little Jim became downright sulky

In they came at that moment

Jim made a clatter with the dishes

Open the oven door, Jim

Look at that Jim work

Three cheers for Jim O’Callaghan

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