A Treatise on Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate

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Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate.

Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate.


I. The Advantages and Disadvantages attending the Use of these Commodities, are not only impartially considered, upon the Principles of Medicine and Chymistry, but also ascertained by Observation and Experience.

II. Full and distinct Directions laid down for knowing in what Cases, and for what particular Constitutions, these Substances are either beneficial, or hurtful.

III. The Chinese or Asiatic Tea, shewn to be the same with the European Chamelæagnus, or Myrtus Brabantica.

The Whole Illustrated with Copper Plates, exhibiting the Tea Utensils of the Chinese and Persians.

Written originally by SIMON PAULI;


Now Translated by Dr. JAMES.

Ante omnia scire convenit Naturam Corporis; quia alii graciles, alii obesi sunt, alii calidi, alii frigidiores, alii humidi, alii sicciores, alios adstricta, alios resoluta, alvus exercet.

Celsus, Lib. 1. Cap. 3.


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