South London

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Uniform Edition. Demy 8vo. cloth, 5s. net each.


With 125 Illustrations.

‘What the late J. R. Green has done for England Sir Walter Besant has here attempted, with conspicuous success, for Cockaigne. The Author of “A Short History of the English People” and the historian of the London citizen share together the true secret of popularity. Both have placed before the people of to-day a series of vivid and indelible pictures of the people of the past…. No one who loves his London but will love it the better for reading this book. He who loves it not has before him a clear duty and a manifest pleasure.’—Graphic.

‘Sir Walter Besant knows and loves his London thoroughly, and his beautifully illustrated book will call up in the minds of those who bow to the spell a thousand delights of memory and expectation. He contrives not merely to call back the old London, but to make the London of the present more living than before.’—Spectator.


With 131 Illustrations.

‘Sir Walter Besant has told the story of the old city (London) and its corporate life in a way which has never been surpassed—not even equalled. The past of the mother of municipal life he has made to live and breathe in a manner which reduces all other records of London to the mere dryasdust category. But we like his “Westminster” even better…. There is nothing but admiration to be expressed as well for the plan as for the execution.’—Daily Chronicle.

‘Sir Walter Besant has here given us a worthy companion to his charming book on “London.”… From beginning to end the narrative never flags, the illustrations never fail, and one rises from its reading with fuller ideas of the historic interest of the place and a greater veneration for the ancient Abbey and all its relics of the past.’—Guardian.


With 120 Illustrations.

‘To all Londoners who realise the absorbing fascination of the great world they live in we cordially recommend it as a worthy sequel to the author’s previous volumes. It is written by an enthusiast who is also an accomplished writer, by a student who is a close observer of life; and it passes before the reader’s imagination a series of indelible pictures which clothe our prosaic and monotonous South London with the romance which is its due.’—Literature.


With 55 Illustrations by Phil May, Raven Hill, and Joseph Pennell.

‘Sir Walter Besant knows London as no one has known it since Charles Dickens…. He has given a lifetime to the acquisition of his knowledge of the great city. He was grey before he attempted to write his monumental works on “London,” “Westminster,” and “South London”—books which have earned him his title as the historian of London—and he has postponed his book on “East London” until his sixty-fifth year…. Crammed with antiquarian lore mingled with human interest and saturated with genuine sympathy for the people is this study of “East London.”… A thoroughly masterly book.’—Literary World.

Crown 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d.


With 144 Plates and Woodcuts.

‘A series of entertaining chapters, to which the droll illustrations of George Cruikshank and the inimitable portraits by Daniel Maclise lend additional effect…. The book is full of movement and colour, and presents a vivid and interesting picture of the great reign of Queen Victoria.’—Speaker.

Small 8vo. cloth (in the St. Martin’s Library), gilt top, 2s. net each; feather, gilt edges, 3s. net each.


London: CHATTO & WINDUS, 111 St. Martin’s Lane, W.C.



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