Aaron the Jew: A Novel

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“Aaron is a most engaging figure; nothing loftier, purer, sweeter, can be imagined than the beautiful tie which unites him to his gentle, true-hearted Rachel.”


“In many respects a really powerful story, strong and sympathetic. The book is infinitely superior in tone and motive to much of the current fiction.”


“A very tender and touching sketch, showing what a beautiful and noble life is possible to a Jew who would really live in the true spirit of his simple faith and the best traditions of his people. Charming pictures of Jewish household life…. Exceedingly pleasant to read.”

Daily Telegraph.

“Written with earnestness, sincerity, and lively sympathy with all that is good, generous, and tender.”

The Scotsman.

“Powerful studies of lofty human character. It is full of genuine life, of real men and women, and of sustained interest…. A delightful story. ‘Aaron the Jew’ is a strong and original piece of work, and will well repay perusal.”

Lady’s Pictorial.

“This book has been received with such a chorus of praise that nothing is left to say. It is the best novel that Mr. Farjeon has produced since ‘Grif.'”

Glasgow Herald.

“‘Aaron the Jew’ is a benevolent and beautiful character. The story is an interesting one.”

Western Morning News.

“Mr. Farjeon has never written a more natural and touching story than this of ‘Aaron the Jew.’ All his characters are of an attractive and noble-minded type.”

Westminster Gazette.

“Very simply and touchingly written; rises to the level of real pathos.”

Jewish Chronicle.

“The book is interesting, and is a worthy addition to the Jewish stories which are so much in fashion just now.”

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