Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes / A Collection of Alphabets, Rhymes, Tales, and Jingles

Produced by Chris Curnow, Emmy and the Online Distributed
Proofreading Team at Music transcribed
by Anne Celnick. (This file was produced from images
generously made available by The Internet Archive)

Mother Goose flying on goose

Nursery Rhymes

A collection of
Alphabets, Rhymes, Tales, and Jingles

With Illustrations

Woman with pig and goat

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A Apple Pie 156
A B C, Tumble down D 286
A Carrion Crow sat on an Oak 120
A Diller, a Dollar, a Ten o’Clock Scholar 257
A Farmer went Trotting upon his Grey Mare 292
A little Boy went into a Barn 207
A little Cock Sparrow sat on a Tree 309
A Man of Words and not of Deeds 295
A Man went Hunting at Reigate 47
A-milking, a-milking, my Maid 140
Apple-Pie, Pudding, and Pancake 288
As I was going along, long, long 140
As I was going up Pippin Hill 297
As I was going up Primrose Hill 207
As I was going to St. Ives 318
As I went to Bonner 60
As Tommy Snooks and Bessy Brooks 264
At the Siege of Belleisle I was there all the while 141
Away, Birds, away! 118
Baa, baa, Black Sheep (Music) 170
Barber, Barber, shave a Pig 172
Bat, Bat, come under my Hat 241
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray 173
Bless you, bless you, bonny Bee 308
Blow, Wind, blow, and go, Mill, go 183
Bow-wow-wow 304
Boys and Girls, come out to Play 14
Brow, brow, brinkie 61
Bye, Baby Bunting 141
Charley, Charley, stole the Barley 285
Come, let’s to bed, says Sleepy-Head 144
Cross-Patch, draw the Latch 223
Cry, Baby, cry 214
Curly-Locks, Curly-Locks, wilt thou be mine? 188
Daffy-Down-dilly has come up to Town 209
Dame Duck’s Lessons to her Ducklings 150
Dance a Baby Diddit 141
Dance to your Daddy 180
Death and Burial of poor Cock Robin 79
Deedle, deedle, Dumpling, my Son John 228
Dickery, Dickery, Dock (Music) 256
Dickery, Dickery, Dare 58
Ding, Dong, Bell 224
Ding, Dong, Darrow 149
Doctor Foster went to Glo’ster 148
Early to Bed and Early to Rise 297
Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Bread 221
Elizabeth, Elspeth, Betsy, and Bess 286
For every Evil under the Sun 300
Four and Twenty Tailors went to kill a Snail 148
Freddie in the Cherry-Tree 111
Frog he would a-wooing go 124
Frog’s (The) Chorus 222
Georgie Porgie (Music) 289
Good Dobbin 265
Good King Arthur 51
Goosey, Goosey, Gander (Music) 193
Go to Bed first, a Golden Purse 318
Great A, Little A 239
Handy, Spandy, Jack-a-Dandy 194
Hark, hark, the Dogs do bark 190
Here am I, little Jumping Joan 264
Here we go up, up, up 194
He that would Thrive 217
Hey, diddle, diddle 174
Hey, my Kitten, my Kitten 194
Hickety, Pickety, my Black Hen 230
High Diddle Ding 135
High diddle doubt, my Candle’s out 169
Hot Cross Buns 52
Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall (Music) 48
Hush-a-bye, Baby 217
Hush-a-bye, Baby, lie still with thy Daddy 294
Hush Baby, my Doll, I pray you don’t cry 61
If all the World were Water 194
If Wishes were Horses, Beggars would ride 189
If you are to be a Gentleman 61
I had a little Dog, they called him Buff 119
I had a little Hen, the prettiest ever seen 208
I had a little Hobby-Horse 221
I had a little Husband no bigger than my Thumb 192
I had a little Pony 195
I have a little Sister they call her Peep, Peep 192
I’ll tell you a Story 231
I love Sixpence 232
I love little Pussy 290
I saw a Ship a-sailing 129
Is John Smith within? 153
Jack and Jill went up the Hill (Music) 212
Jack be Nimble 183
Jack Sprat could eat no Fat 60
Jack Sprat had a Cat 119
Jack Sprat’s Pig 308
Jacky, come give me thy Fiddle 257
Jenny shall have a new Bonnet 305
John Cook he had a little Grey Mare 153
John Gilpin 266
Ladybird, Ladybird 261
Leg over Leg 261
“Let us go to the Woods,” says this Pig 304
Little Betty Blue 294
Little Blue Betty lived in a Lane 123
Little Bo-Peep (Music) 312
Little Boy Blue 136
Little Boy, pretty Boy, where were you born? 173
Little Girl, little Girl, where have you been? 180
Little Jack Horner (Music) 80
Little Miss Muffett 263
Little Nancy Etticote 123
Little Polly Flinders 239
Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a Rail 149
Little Tommy Tittlemouse 195
Little Tom Tucker (Music) 146
Margery Mutton-Pie and Johnny Bo-Peep 188
Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren 84
Mary had a pretty Bird 122
Mary, Mary, quite contrary 148
Molly, my Sister, and I fell out 59
Mr. Isbister and Betsy his Sister 311
Multiplication is Vexation 209
My Lady Wind, my Lady Wind 303
My little Old Man and I fell out 288
Needles and Pins, Needles and Pins 300
Nievie, Nievie, Nicknack 306
Nursery Rhyme Alphabet 226
Oh, Mother, I’m to be Married to Mr. Punchinello 306
Oh, the Rusty, Dusty, Rusty Miller 168
Old Father Grey Beard 140
Old King Cole 154
Old Mother Goose 9
Old Mother Hubbard 64
Old Mother Widdle-Waddle 206
Old Woman, Old Woman, shall we go a-Shearing? 298
One misty, moisty Morning 228
One, Two, buckle my Shoe 191
One, Two, Three 219
One, Two, Three, Four, Five 261
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker’s Man 299
Pease Pudding Hot 188
Peter White will ne’er go right 217
Pit, pat, well-a-day! 149
Pitty Patty Polt 61
Please to remember the Fifth of November 260
Poor Dog Bright 296
Poor old Robinson Crusoe 240
Pussy Cat ate the Dumplings 299
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, where have you been? 195
Pussy sits beside the Fire 168
Queen Anne, Queen Anne, she sits in the Sun 180
Rain, Rain, go away 309
Rain, Rain, go to Spain 307
Ride a Cock-Horse 184
Robin and Richard were two pretty Men 183
See a Pin and pick it up 259
See-saw, Margery Daw 178
See, see, what shall I see? 195
Simple Simon (Music) 112
Sing a Song of Sixpence (Music) 234
Snail, Snail, come out of your Hole 141
Snail, Snail, come put out your Horn 189
Solomon Grundy 59
Some little Mice sat in a Barn 320
Swan, Swan, over the Sea 228
Taffy was a Welshman 291
The Barber shaved the Mason 63
The Cat sat asleep by the side of the Fire 264
The Cock doth Crow 119
The Cuckoo’s a bonny Bird 298
The Fox and the Farmer 186
The great Brown Owl 145
The House that Jack built 196
The King of France went up the Hill 119
The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the Crown 172
The Man in the Moon 149
The North Wind doth blow 241
The Old Woman and her Pig 242
The Old Woman must stand at the Tub, Tub, Tub 229
The Queen of Hearts 210
There was a Crooked Man 169
There was a Fat Man of Bombay 233
There was a Jolly Miller 56
There was a little Man and he had a little Gun 209
There was a Monkey climbed up a Tree 82
There was an Old Crow 223
There was an Old Man of Tobago 262
There was an Old Woman, and what do you think? 319
There was an Old Woman as I’ve heard tell 134
There was an Old Woman called Nothing-at-all 220
There was an Old Woman lived under a Hill 139
There was an Old Woman tossed up in a Basket 181
There was an Old Woman who lived in a Shoe 218
There was an Owl lived in an Oak 50
There was a Rat, for want of Stairs 188
There were Three Crows sat ona Stone 211
The Robin Redbreasts 138
The Rose is Red, the Violet’s Blue 310
The Turtle Dove’s Nest 215
The Waves on the Sea-shore 83
The Wonderful Derby Ram 302
The Young Linnets 176
This is the way the Ladies go 261
Thomas a Tattamus took two T’s 172
Three Children sliding on the Ice 301
Three Straws on a Staff 209
Three Wise Men of Gotham 135
To make your Candles last for aye 144
To Market, to Market, a gallop, a trot 288
To Market, to Market, to buy a Fat Pig 52
Tommy kept a Chandler’s Shop 258
Tom Thumb’s Alphabet 15
Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son (Music) 130
Twinkle, twinkle, little Star 284
Two Legs sat upon Three Legs 206
Up Hill and down Dale 287
Up Hill, spare me 307
Valentine, oh, Valentine 311
Walrus (The) and the Carpenter 42
We are all in the Dumps 139
We’ll go a-shooting 310
What’s the News of the Day? 223
When I was a Bachelor, I lived by myself 182
When Little Fred went to Bed 308
When the Wind is in the East 214
Where are you going to, my pretty Maid? 62
Who Stole the Bird’s Nest? 53
Willy Boy, Willy Boy, where are you going? 118
Young Lambs to sell, Young Lambs to sell 142
You shall have an Apple 294