Little Folks of North America / Stories about children living in the different parts of North America

Produced by Roger Frank and the Online Distributed
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I.Little Folks of Iceland13
II.Little Folks of Greenland26
III.Little Folks of Alaska55
IV.Little Folks of Canada80
V.Little Folks of Labrador116
VI.Little Folks of Newfoundland120
VII.Little Folks of the United States128
VIII.Little Folks of Mexico179
IX.Little Folks of Central America206
X.Little Folks of the West Indies214


A Little Indian BoyFrontispiece
An Eskimo Mother and Baby30
An Eskimo Village in Summer52
An Eskimo Village in Alaska60
An Alaskan Village Showing Indian Totem Poles74
Little Canadian Indian Children96
Picking Cotton on a Georgia Plantation144
How They Harvest Wheat on the Prairies152
Children Working in the Cotton Factory in a Big City174
A Mexican Village190



You all know the story of Columbus—how, more than four hundred years ago, he sailed from Spain out into the west; and also how the people, as they watched his ships fading from sight, believed they would never look upon the fleet again, for the brave sailors who manned it were moving into an unknown world whose dangers no one could measure.

You also remember what happened before Columbus returned from that long voyage—that a new continent was discovered where strange people of a race before unheard-of were living the life of savages, and that the great sailor, believing he had entered the waters of India, named these red men, Indians.

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