Ghetto Comedies


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New 6s. Novels.

THE EXPENSIVE MISS DU CANE. By S. Macnaughtan. ‘To resist the charm of Hetty Du Cane one must be singularly hard to please.’—Spectator.

THE LOST WORD. By Evelyn Underhill. ‘She writes vigorously and well, with a clear sense of the beauty of language and a notable power of description.’—Times.

THE COUNTRY HOUSE. By John Galsworthy. ‘It deserves the widest measure of success as a careful study of modern life and an interesting piece of fiction, presented with remarkable literary ability.’—Daily Telegraph.

MEMOIRS OF A PERSON OF QUALITY. By Ashton Hilliers. ‘Such a recruit as Mr. Hilliers is welcome to the ranks of novelists…. He has absorbed the spirit of the times with remarkable ability. Mr. Hilliers has a fine literary future before him, and we are glad to give his maiden effort a cordial greeting.’—Athenæum.

PAUL. By E.F. Benson. ‘A genuinely fine novel; a story marked by powerful workmanship and glowing with the breath of life.’—Daily Telegraph.

THE SWIMMERS. By E.S. Rorison. ‘Full of crisp dialogue and bright descriptive passages.’—Athenæum.

THE TRAIL TOGETHER. By H.H. Bashford. ‘Very interesting, very well constructed, and admirably written; altogether an excellent piece of work.’—Daily Telegraph.

FOOLS RUSH IN. By Mary Gaunt and J.R. Essex. ‘A live story, full of the stir and stress of existence on the fringe of civilization, very vividly and interestingly written.’—Sketch.

JOSEPH VANCE. By William De Morgan. ‘Humorous, thoughtful, pathetic, and thoroughly entertaining…. Fresh, original, and unusually clever.’—Athenæum.

MOONFACE, AND OTHER STORIES. By Jack London. ‘Jack London at his best.’—Standard.

LOVE’S TRILOGY. By Peter Nansen. ‘Humour the author possesses, and tenderness. Sensibility he has, and shrewd sense. The tale “God’s Peace” shows that he has a soul.’—Evening Standard.


At last I said "Good morning."

At last I said “Good morning.”ToList

Ghetto Comedies


Israel Zangwill

Author of
‘The Grey Wig,’ ‘Dreamers of the Ghetto,’
‘The Master,’ ‘Children of the Ghetto,’
‘Ghetto Tragedies,’ etc.

With Illustrations by J.H. Amschewitz

Publisher's Mark

William Heinemann

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