Parodies of Ballad Criticism (1711-1787) / A Comment Upon the History of Tom Thumb, 1711, by William / Wagstaffe; The Knave of Hearts, 1787, by George Canning

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Parodies of Ballad Criticism


William Wagstaffe, A Comment Upon the History of Tom Thumb, 1711

George Canning, The Knave of Hearts, 1787


Selected, with an Introduction, by

William K. Wimsatt, Jr.


Publication Number 63


Los Angeles
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
University of California


Richard C. Boys, University of Michigan
Ralph Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles
Vinton A. Dearing, University of California, Los Angeles
Lawrence Clark Powell, Clark Memorial Library


W. Earl Britton, University of Michigan


Emmett L. Avery, State College of Washington
Benjamin Boyce, Duke University
Louis Bredvold, University of Michigan
John Butt, King’s College, University of Durham
James L. Clifford, Columbia University
Arthur Friedman, University of Chicago
Louis A. Landa, Princeton University
Samuel H. Monk, University of Minnesota
Ernest C. Mossner, University of Texas
James Sutherland, University College, London
H. T. Swedenberg, Jr., University of California, Los Angeles


Edna C. Davis, Clark Memorial Library

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