Gustavus Vasa / and other poems

Produced by Jonathan Ingram, Taavi Kalju and the Online
Distributed Proofreading Team at

Gustavus Vasa,



—Tentanda via est, qua me quoque possim
Tollere humo.






It would be a sufficient reason for sanctioning this work with your Ladyship’s name, that it is an offering of gratitude, presented because there is nothing worthier to give.

But there is another cause. He who celebrates a patriot, cannot address himself to any one more properly than to the daughter of a patriot; of one who was for years the naval sun of England, and from whom the young and enterprising caught the unextinguishable rays of patriotism and courage.

For actions and glory such as his, the female mind is not formed; but in the calm and active virtues of private life, which are almost equally honourable to the possessor, your Ladyship maintains the dignity of your race. I call to witness those whom you have soothed in affliction, and those whom you have honoured with your friendship. They will vindicate me from the charge of flattery, and support my assertion, that your patronage is as glorious to me, as any I could possibly have chosen.

With the hope, that the virtues of your excellent daughter, and your son, whom I am proud to call my friend, may answer your fullest expectations,

I remain,
Your Ladyship’s
Most obliged
And devoted Servant,


As the author of these Poems is only seventeen, some apology may be required for offering them to the public.

Many precedents may be quoted in favour of early publication; and the practice perhaps is not in itself blameable, except when the advice of good judges is unasked, or the work itself uncorrected and negligent. To neither of these charges is the author liable. These poems, as well as the design of publishing them, have been approved of by many sincere and judicious friends; and the work has been altered in many parts, in conformity to the advice of the same persons. The author has made no improper sacrifice to the Muse: he has deserted no duty, and neglected no necessary employment. Influenced by these motives, he appears before the bar of criticism, not indeed without diffidence, but unconscious of having deserved censure. If his verses are bad, he is content to sink into oblivion; and if the public confirms the favourable judgment of his friends, he does not deny that it will give him real satisfaction.—He is sensible, that if he delayed till time had matured his judgment, and reflection perfected his ideas, the “scribendi cacoëthes,” perhaps an unfortunate inclination, would take a firm and unalterable possession of his mind. He is therefore determined to try the public opinion; that he may be enabled either to pursue his poetical studies under their encouragement, or to desist in time from an useless employment. This volume is not intended to challenge approbation, but to be the precursor of something which may challenge it in future: it is not an attempt to gain the prize, but a specimen of his powers, which may entitle him to the honour of standing candidate for that prize. The reader will here find the genuine effusions of a youthful fancy, free, yet not uncontrolled; a collection of pieces, exempt from negligence and inaccuracy, though not from the usual and inevitable faults of early compositions. To offer less than this would be arrogant, and to require more than this would be unreasonable.

“Gustavus Vasa” was originally planned (the reader will smile) at eleven years of age. When the author began to know what poetry was, his first design was to write an epic poem—no matter of what sort or character, so it was an epic poem. The subject was soon chosen; and the progress of the work was various: sometimes hurried on with all the ardour of hope and enterprize, sometimes relinquished for more lively pursuits, and left to sleep for months in the leaves of a portfolio. In this manner were six long cantos completed. At length the author, in his thirteenth year, perceived numerous faults and extravagances in his early composition. He destroyed the manuscript: and some time after recommenced his poem on a new and more rational plan. Accordingly, the first and part of the second book, were written in 1810, and the rest of the work which is published in this volume, principally in 1812. All that is yet completed of this production (except the sequel of the fourth book, and the whole fifth, which are yet uncorrected) is here presented to the public; and on its success the continuation of “Gustavus Vasa” depends.

It was designed to embrace the whole actions of the hero, from his first signalizing himself under Steen Sture, to his death in 1560; but as all this could not be regularly related without destroying the unity of the poem, it was thought most convenient to begin with his introduction among the Dalecarlians at Mora, and conclude with his first election to the royalty, in 1523; the rest being introduced by means of narration, anticipation, and episode.

It will be doubtless objected, that the enterprize is beyond his powers, and that he acted rashly in undertaking it. But this is no light scheme; no work, begun for want of other amusement, and deserted when a more specious or pleasing subject for poetry presented itself. He has considered it seriously; the subject appears full of poetical capabilities, and superior to many others which offered themselves; and if the opinion of the world coincides with his own in this point, he has resolved to make it the favourite employment of his maturer years, and to reduce it as far as possible to perfection. Part of his plan for continuing the poem, will be found in the Notes.

The smaller pieces are selected from a large number of original compositions; they are not chosen as his favourites, but as what he esteems most faultless. This appeared the safer method; since it is impossible that “the flimsy productions of a youth of seventeen,” as Kirke White expresses it, should be free from considerable errors; and we are apt to think our most irregular flights, our most vigorous ones. On these pieces, however, he places little stress; his principal reliance is on “Gustavus Vasa.” The Latin Poems have been honoured by the approbation of different Masters at Eton.

The Author may be accused of arrogance in saying too much of himself. But he felt strongly that early publication, and the design of writing a long epic poem, would naturally be censured by many well-meaning persons; he thought it his duty to state his motives; and was less solicitous to avoid the possible charge of self-conceit, than the certain one of folly and presumption.

Any resemblance to former writers, which may occur in the course of the work, are generally unintentional. Thus the lines—

“Touch’d the abyss, and, lest his eyes might view
The abandon’d shore, into its depths withdrew,”

were written before the author had seen Persius’s description of a totally abandoned man:

—nescit quid perdat, et, alto
Demersus, summâ rursus non bullit in undâ.

The Author has to express his sincere gratitude for a numerous and respectable list of Subscribers. It is far beyond his expectations; and it encourages his hope, that the reception of the present volume will authorize his continuing in the same pursuit.

1st MARCH, 1813.

Andrews, Rev. Charles, Hempton
Abercrombie, Mrs., County Terrace
Atkinson, Mr., Eton
Ashton, Arthur, Esq., Wood Street
Atkinson, Joseph, Esq., Tower
Anstey, John, Esq.
Appleby, Miss, Thirsk
Ambrose, Mr., Eton
Alderson, Edward H. Esq., Temple
Aylmer, G.W. Esq., Wimpole Street
Anonymous, Thirsk
Angelo, Miss, Eton
Bedford, His Grace the Duke of
Buccleugh, His Grace the Duke of
Buccleugh, Her Grace the Duchess of
Brecknock, Earl of
Bernard, Viscountess
Belfast, Lord, Eton
Blizard, Sir Wm. 2 Copies
Bailie, Lieut. Col. Alexander
Burges, Rev. Mr., Eton
Brickwood, John, Esq., Croydon
Brewster, John, Esq.
Baillie, Mrs., Lower Grosvenor Street
Brown, G.P. Esq.
Burlton, Miss, Ludlow
Barton, Henry, Esq. Mount St. John
Barnard, Mr., Eton
Berdmore, Rev. Dr. 2 Copies
Bridges, Rev. Dr.
Bailey, Hon. Mr. Justice 2 Copies
Best, Mr. Serjeant 2 Copies
Best, Mrs.
Best, J.W. Esq.
Bolland, William, Esq.
Beard, Henry, Esq.
Bayley, Dr., Physician to His Majesty 2 Copies
Bayley, Dr., M.D., Northallerton
Balme, Rev. E., Russell Place 2 Copies
Bell, John, Esq., Thirsk
Bradfield, John, Esq.
Burges, Esq., Wimpole
Brougham, Henry, Esq.
Brooks, Geo., Esq., Twickenham 4 Copies
Brooks, John, Esq., Twickenham
Briscoe, John, Esq., Twickenham
Burges, ——, Esq., Wimpole
Billam, F.T. Esq., Leeds 2 Copies
Butterwick, Matthew, Esq., Thirsk
Bissett, Captain, R.N.
Bradney, Joseph, Esq., Ham
Buxton, Fowell, Esq.
Blakelock, Henry, Esq.
Bowser, Mrs., Datchet
Byam, Mr., Rev.
Burt, Mrs., Isleworth
Burton, Miss, Cambridge 2 Copies
Burges, George, Esq., Eton
Beverley, ——, Esq., Eton
Bold, ——, Esq., Eton
Brandling, ——, Esq., Eton
Burchell, ——, Esq., Eton
Brown, W., Esq., Sutton, Yorkshire
Baillie, George, Esq.
Barwiss, John, Esq.
Bowen, Miss
Burton, J. Esq.
Boyd, W. Esq.
Bowen, T.B. Esq.
Barrow, Thomas, Esq.
Broderirk, William, Mr., Eton
Broderick, Mr., Eton
Brown, Mr., Eton
Bligh, Mr., Eton
Ballard, William, Esq.
Berthomier, Mr., Eton
Barnard, Mr., Eton
Buckwood, Mr.
Burmester, Mr., Eton
Brown, Nicholas, Esq., Liverpool 4 Copies
Brown, Mrs., Liverpool
Brown, Miss, Liverpool
Boyes, Miss Matilda, Old Manor House
Camden, Right Hon. the Marquis of 2 Copies
Calthorpe, Right Hon. Lady 2 Copies
Crawford, Earl
Curzon, Right Hon. Viscount 2 Copies
Curzon, Hon. Marianne 2 Copies
Curzon, Hon. R.W. Penn 4 Copies
Clifton, Lord
Courtown, Lord 2 Copies
Cambridge, Mr. Archdeacon
Carlisle, Dean of 2 Copies
Chambre, Honourable Mr. Justice
Canning, Right Hon. George
Carwardine, Rev. Thomas, Colne Priory
Cuyler, General, St. John Lodge
Cathcart, Captain, R.N.
Cooke, Dr., Gower Street
Cockburn, Thos., Esq., Hampstead Grove
Cartwright, Richard, Esq.
Caley, C. Esq., Thirsk
Coope, Joseph, Esq., Laytonstone
Coope, Miss S., Laytonstone
Coope, John, Esq., Leyspring
Coope, Mr. J., Leyspring
Coates, C., Esq., Rippon 3 Copies
Coates, Mrs., Rippon
Cooper, Mr., Eton
Crawford, General
Creswell, Rev. F.B.D., Waldingfield
Carter, Rev. Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Croker, W. Wilson, Esq.
Collier, Thomas, Esq., Temple
Colmore, Miss, Teddington
Clarke, John, Esq., Brentford
Cotton, Charles, Esq., Devonshire Place
Champneys, Rev. Mr., Eton
Clayton, E.G. Esq., Eton
Corneivall, Mr., Eton
Currie, Mr., Eton
Coxe, Mr., Eton
Chambre, Mr., Eton
Clarck, Mr., Eton
Crawford, Mr., Eton
Crosby, Mr., Eton
Croft, M.J., Eton
Croft, M.J., Esq., Eton
Cowell, J. Esq., Eton
Cook, C. Esq., the Forest
Cooke, Miss, Hackney
Cass, Miss, Old Manor House
Croasdaile, Richard, Esq.
Croasdale, B. Esq., Admiralty
Cross, R. Esq., Oxford Street
Caley, T., Esq., Seymour Place
Crompton, S. Esq., Wood End
Collins, Thomas, Esq., Berners Street
Consett, Warcop, Esq., Brawith
Consett, Peter, Esq., Brawith
Chapman, Mr., Eton
Coutts, Mr., Eton
Coates, Mrs., Baker Street
Cunyngham, W.A. Esq., Temple
Campbell, J. Esq.
Carter, Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Cass, Mr., Gerrard Street
Cooper, Mr., Gerrard Street
Charlton, Mr., Durant’s Wharf
Clarke, Samuel, Esq.
Cartwright, Richard, Esq.
Cogan, Mr., Fleet Street
Derby, Earl of 2 Copies
Derby, Countess of 2 Copies
Darnley, Earl of
Darnley, Countess of
Damer, Hon. Mrs. S.
Dixon, Robert, Esq. 2 Copies
Douglass, Hon. F., M.P.
Douglas, Andrew Snape, Esq., Bolton Street
Deare, Philip, Esq. 2 Copies
Deare, Rev. James 2 Copies
Deare, Miss Mariane 2 Copies
Deare, Mr. Charles 2 Copies
Duff, Captain Archibald, R.N.
Duff, John, Esq.
Drury, Rev. Mr., Eton 10 Copies
Davys, Rev. George, Eton
Dacres, Captain, R.N.
Dundas, David, Esq., Richmond
Devaynes, Mrs., Holles Street
Disney, John, Esq., Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Dixon, Mrs., Bow Cottage
Dixon, Miss, Enfield
Dixon, Mr. B., Bow
Dighton, F., Esq., Horse Guards
Davis, Wm., Esq., Rupert Street 10 Copies
Dimsdale, William, Esq., Cornhill 2 Copies
Dimsdale, John, Esq., Cornhill 2 Copies
Dixon, H., Esq., Eton
Donald, James, Esq. 2 Copies
Denby, Mrs., Liverpool
Drury, Mrs., Old Manor House
Denton, Mr., Eton
Dean, Thomas, Esq., Twickenham
Digby, Mrs., Curzon Street
Davis, Scrope, Esq.
Ducane, P. Esq., Bracksted Lodge, Essex
Delafosse, Rev. Mr., Richmond
Duntze, Mr., Eton 3 Copies
Denison, Mr. J.E., Eton
Denison, Mr. Edward, Eton
Eardley, Right Hon. Lord
Evylyn, Right Hon. Lord
Elphinston, Hon. William Fullerton
Edwards, Hon. Mr.
Edmonston, Sir Charles, Bart.
Essington, Admiral, Nottingham Place
Essington, Mrs., Nottingham Place
Eliot, F. Percival, Esq., Burlington Street
Espinasse, J. Esq., Chancery Lane
Edwards, Rev. Mr., Christ’s Hospital
Elwyn, J., Esq.
Elwyn, William Brame, Esq.
Ellis, C.T., Esq., Brick Court
Enning, E., Esq., Weymouth
Egremort, Mr., Eton
Evans, Mr., Eton
Fitzwilliam, Earl
Frere, Right Hon. Hookham 2 Copies
Fitzpatrick, General, the Rt. Hon. Richard
Fitzroy, Hon. Miss, Richmond
Flower, Hon. Miss, Beaumont Lodge
Furey, Rev. J., Vice Provost, Cambridge 2 Copies
Frazer, Major, 76th Regt.
Falconar, Major 2 Copies
Falconar, James, Esq.
Farrington, Rev. R., D.D.
Foveaux, Michael, Esq., Kensington 2 Copies
Frere, Mr. Serjeant
Farrant, G. Esq., Upper Brook Street
Frower, Hutches, Esq., Harley Street
Fearnley, Robert, Esq., Leeds
Fothergill, Thomas, Esq., Twickenham
Fletcher, Rev. Mr., Twickenham
Farley, T.M. Esq.
Fawkes, Walter, Esq.
Fawkes, Mr., Eton
F.T.P., Eton 2 Copies
Grantham, Right Hon. Lord
Grantham, Lady
Grantley, Right Hon. Lord
Glenbervie, Right Hon. Lord
Gray, Right Hon. Lord
Gray, Lady
Goodall, Rev. Dr., Provost of Eton 2 Copies
Goodall, Mrs.
Goodricke, Sir H. Bart.
Grose, Hon. Mr. Justice
Gibbs, Hon. Mr. Justice 2 Copies
Garrow, Sir W., Solicitor General
Gabel, Rev. Dr., Head Master of Winton 2 Copies
Garnier, Rev. Mr., Chancellor of Winton 2 Copies
Griffiths, Henry, Esq., Windsor
Gurney, Henry, Esq.
Gurney, John, Esq., Serjeant’s Inn
Green, Rev. J., Kilvington
Gosling, F., Esq., Isleworth
Gosling, F., Esq., Junior, Isleworth
Goodeve, T., Esq., Warwick Court
Gee, Osgood, Esq., Seymour Street
Gregory, Lieutenant, Plymouth
Grant, John, Esq., Pimlico
Gilchrist, Mr., Twickenham
Green, George, Esq., Clapham Road
Green, Mr., Eton
Green, Mr. G.
Gore, Mr. Robert, Cheapside
Gurney, Hudson, Esq. M.P. 2 Copies
Green, Charles, Esq., Birmingham
Graves, Mr., Eton
Garden, Mr., Eton
Greenwood, Mr., Eton
Glanville, Mr. Major, Eton
Glanville, Mr. Minor, Eton
Gosset, Rev. Isaac, Windsor
Gurney, Mr., Eton
Howe, Right Hon. Viscountess 2 Copies
Howe, Right Hon. Baroness 2 Copies
Howe, Hon. Mrs.
Hardwicke, Right Hon. Lord 2 Copies
Holland, Right Hon. Lord 6 Copies
Harcourt, Dowager Countess of
Harvey, Right Hon. Lord
Hereford, the Right Rev. the Bishop of 2 Copies
Hudson, Sir Charles Grove, Bart. 2 Copies
Halford, Sir H., M.D., Physician to His Majesty
Harlock, Rev. Dr., Bruton Street
Hemming, Rev. Dr., Hampton
Hart, Rev. J., Cambridge
Hudson, D., Esq.
Hoseason, Thomas, Esq., Harley Street 5 Copies
Hawkins, Henry, Esq., Twickenham
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Holt, F.L., Esq., Abingdon Street
Hills, Robert, Esq., Colne Priory
Hibbert, Robert, Esq., East Hyde, Luton 2 Copies
Hibbert, Robert, Esq., Cambridge
Hibbert, John, Esq., Cambridge
Heathcote, G., Esq.
Heathcote, R., Esq., Baker Street
Hudson, J.S., Esq.
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Henry, ——, Esq., Ripon
Haigh, William, Esq., Cheapside
Hexter, Mr., Eton
Hornby, Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Handley, Mr., Eton
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Hunter, R., Esq., Kew
Hunter, Mrs., Kew
Hunter, Miss, Kew
Heald, George, Esq., Cambridge
Holt, Mrs., Eton
Hanbury, Arthur, Esq.
Hanbury, Sampson, Esq., Brick Lane
Hartley, William, Esq., Temple
Hudson, J.H., Esq. 2 Copies
Heathcock, Robert, Esq. 2 Copies
Heath, G. Esq., Temple
Hedger, Robert, Esq., Temple
Harrison, ——, Esq., Thirsk
Harpur, Rev. G., D.D.
Heath, John, Esq. 2 Copies
Hope, W., Esq.
Hall, R., Esq., Portland Place
Hodgson, Thomas, Esq., Wanstead
Hodgson, Mrs., Wanstead
Hodgson, Miss, Wanstead
Hodgson, Miss M., Wanstead
Hamilton, Rev. Dr.
Hauchecomb, Mrs. Amelia, Isleworth
Hall, Mrs.
Hills, Esq., Robert, jun., Colne Priory
Higgins, Mr., Eton
Hope, E., Esq., Trinity College
Johnes, Rev. Samuel, Welwyn
Jekyll, Joseph, Esq. K.C.
Irving, Rev. Mr., Eton
Jones, Charles, Esq., Guildford Street
James, Major
Julius, J., Esq., Richmond
Illingsby, J. Esq., Cambridge
Jervis, T. Esq., K.C.
James, ——, Esq., Eton 2 Copies
Jansen, Halsey, Esq.
Johnson, Mr., Eton
Jenkyns, Mr., Eton
Irving, Rev. Mr., Eton
Jennings, Mr., Eton
Jenyns, Mr. Minor, Eton
Kirkwall, Right Hon. Viscountess
Keith, Admiral, Right Hon. Lord
Keith, Right Hon. Lady
Kildare, Rt. Hon. & Right Rev. Bishop of
Keate, Rev. Dr., Head Master of Eton College 10 Copies
Kemp, J. Esq., M.P. 2 Copies
Knapp, J.W., Esq.
Knapp, Rev. Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Knapp, Miss, Eton
Knapp, Mr. H.T., Eton
Knox, Vicissimus, Esq.
Knight, Francis, Esq., Saville Street
Knight, Charles, Esq., Eltham
Knight, Mrs., Eltham
King, Rev. J., A.M.
Kimpton, Francis, Esq., War-Office
King, Charles, Esq.
King, Mrs., Highbury
Kidd, R., Esq., Kew
Kekewich, T., Esq., Eton 2 Copies
Kekewich, Mr., Eton
Kekewich, Mrs., Eton
Kekewich, Miss, Eton
Leeds, His Grace the Duke of
Leeds, Her Grace the Duchess of
Langham, Sir James, Bart. 5 Copies
Lennard, Sir Thomas Barrett, Bart.
Lennard, Lady Barrett
Lisle, Hon. Mrs., Kingston
Lamb, Hon. G.
Ledwick, Rev. Edward, L.L.D.
Lindsay, Hon. Mrs.
Lindsay, G. Esq.
Lindsay, H., Esq. Horseguards
Lens, Mr. Serjeant
Lawes, Vitruvias, Esq., Temple
Lawes, Edward, Esq., Temple
Leycester, H., Esq.
Lettsom, Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Long, Thomas, Esq.
Lowndes, W., Esq., M.P.
Lowndes, Captain, Chesham
Luxmoore, Mrs., Hereford
Lonsdale, H., Esq., Lincoln’s Inn
Lawson, Mrs., Nottingham 4 Copies
Lawson, S., Esq., Nottingham
Latham, J., Esq., M.D.
Lefont, jun., Esq.
Lefevre, S., Mr.
Langford, Miss, Eton
Langdale, Mr., Northallerton
Leigh, Mr., Eton
Lunn, Mr. S., Thames Street
Morton, Earl of
Molyneux, Lord Viscount
Montagu, Lord 2 Copies
Mansfield, Right Hon. Sir James 2 Copies
Mercer, Hon. Miss Elphinstone
Mathias, Rev. D., A.M.
Mathias, Miss, Warrington
Mathias, T., Esq., Tonbridge Place
Mowbray, George, Esq., Devonshire Place
Marsham, Rev. C., Caversfield, Oxford
Moore, Abraham, Esq.
Marriott, G.W. Esq.
Milner, Charles, Esq., Temple
Milner, Miss
Mallett, L. Esq.
Mackay, John, Esq. 2 Copies
Morgan, Miss, Dover 2 Copies
Morgan, Miss Louisa, Dover
Maceroni, Signor, Falcon Square
Moore, Rev. J., Eton
Morton, Rev. T., Retford
Morton, Thos., Esq., Southampton Place
Morton, Mrs., Southampton Place.
Morell, Rev. T., Chingford
Monk, Mr. Professor, Cambridge
Middleton, Dr., M.D., Warwick
Middleton, Mrs., Eton
Manby, Rev. John 2 Copies
Mansfield, J., Esq. 3 Copies
Moore, T., Esq., Temple
Mongomerie, M., Esq., Temple
Melvill, Mr., Eton
Meyrick, W. Esq.
Mitford, R., Esq., Norton Street
Milne, Alexander, Esq., Temple 2 Copies
Mansell, Mr., Eton
Mantell, Mrs., Dover
Montague, Basil, Esq., Lincoln’s Inn 2 Copies
Newcastle, Her Grace the Duchess of
North, Rev. Mr., Chancellor of Winton 2 Copies
Nowell, Captain, R.N., near Oxford
Nixon, Captain Brinsley, 37th Regt.
Newnham, G.L., Esq., Guildford Street
Nugent, Mrs., Upper Brook Street
Nicoll, Mrs., Neasdon House
Nicoll, Joseph, Esq., Tower
Norman, Miss, Liverpool
Natissa, David 3 Copies
Ossory, Right Hon. Earl of Upper 2 Copies
Onslow, Mr. Serjeant
Onslow, Rev. Arthur Merrow, Guildford
Oxenden, Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Okes, Mr., Eton
Paulet, Lady Mary
Pusey, Lady Lucy
Pusey, Hon. Philip
Pryse, Pryse, Esq.
Pryse, Hon. Mrs.
Price, Rev. Dr., Prebend of Durham
Phipps, J. Wathen, Esq. 2 Copies
Parr, Rev. Dr., Hatton 6 Copies
Polehampton, Rev. J., Cambridge
Preston, Sir Robt., Bart., Downing Street
Preston, Captain, R.N., Downing Street
Park, J.A. Esq., K.C.
Peart, Rev. Wm., Thirsk
Pauncefort, Mrs.
Protheroe, Edward, Esq., M.P., Harley Street
Perring, Mr., Eton
Prescot, Rev. E.K., A.M.
Penn, Mrs., Richmond
Pellew, G. Esq., C.C. College
Price, Mr., Eton
Puller, C., Esq.
Pollock, Frederick, Esq.
Pyppis, Mr., Eton
Pocock, H., Esq. 2 Copies
Porter, Mr., Eton
Polhill, Mr., Eton
Pusey, Mr., Eton
Price, Mr., Trinity College
Palk, Mr., Eton
Pennington, Mr., Eton
Paterson, J. Esq.
Popple, John, Esq.
Prince, Mr.
Prince, Mrs.
Palmer, Major, Mr., Eton
Rothes, Earl of 2 Copies
Rothes, Countess of 2 Copies
Redesdale, Right Hon. Lord 2 Copies
Rose, Right Hon. George 5 Copies
Rogers, Sir John, Bart. 2 Copies
Rogers, Frederick, Esq., Baker Street 2 Copies
Rogers, Mrs., Baker Street 2 Copies
Rogers, Captain, R. Henley, R.N. 2 Copies
Rennel, Rev. Dr., Dean of Winchester
Rochester, Dean of
Rhode, Major 2 Copies
Runnington, Mr. Serjeant
Rough, Mr. Serjeant
Rainier, Captain J.S., R.N. 2 Copies
Rainier, Peter, M.D. 2 Copies
Raine, Jonathan, Esq., Bedford Row
Robinson, Edward, Esq., Chingford
Robinson, Mrs., Chingford
Robinson, Miss Caroline, Chingford
Rodwell, Mrs.
Russell, Rev. Wm., Eton
Roberts, Rev. Richard, Portman Street
Roberts, Rev. Mr., Eton
Roberts, Wm., Esq., Lincoln’s Inn
Robarts, Miss, Teddington
Rose, W.S. Esq., Old Palace Yard 2 Copies
Rivers, Charles, Esq., Richmond
Reynolds, H.P. Esq., Temple
Repton, Humphrey, Esq.
Richards, Mr., Eton
Richardson, Thomas, Esq., Thirsk
Rennell, Mr., Eton
Rennel, Mrs.
Richards, Mr., Eton
Ratcliffe, Mr., Eton
Russell, Mr., Eton
Roberts, Rev. Mr.
Richardson, Christopher, Esq., Limehouse
Reeves, Mr. John, Duke Street
Sligo, the Marquis of 2 Copies
Sligo, the Marchioness of 2 Copies
Shaftesbury, Earl of
Shaftesbury, Countess of
Sidmouth, Right Hon. Lord Viscount 2 Copies
Stanley, Right Hon. Lord
Stanley, Right Hon. Lady
Stanley, Hon. E., Eton
Stanley, Hon. Miss
Stewart, Lord Evelyn James
Shepherd, Mr. Serjeant 2 Copies
Serjeantson, Colonel, near Thirsk 2 Copies
Serjeantson, Mrs., near Thirsk
Schomberg, Captain A., R.N.
De Stark, Captain, R.N., Twickenham
Simmons, Rev. J., Paul’s Cray
Savage, Rev. Mr., Richmond
Smyth, Francis, Esq., New Building 2 Copies
Smyth, Rev. Joseph, near Thirsk
Smyth, Mrs., New Building
Schreiber, Charles, Esq., Brook House
Schreiber, William, Esq., Brook House
Sermon, Thomas, Esq., Gray’s Inn
Sumner, Rev. J., Eton 2 Copies
Smith, R.P., Esq., M.P., Sackville Street 2 Copies
Smith, John, Esq., Somerset Place 2 Copies
Smith, Edward Grose, Esq., Wanstead 2 Copies
Smith, J., Esq., Wanstead
Smith, Mrs., Wanstead
Smith, Henley, Esq., Wanstead
Smith, Thomas, Esq., Birmingham
Smith, Mr. Baldwin, Birmingham
Slater, Thomas, Esq.
Smith, Mr. Nathan, Strand
Smith, Mrs., Strand
Staunton, Mrs., Staunton Hall, near Grantham, Lincolnshire
Staunton, Mr., Eton 2 Copies
Stone, Dr., Physician to the Charter House
Stone, Mr., Eton
Sissons, ——, Esq. Brentford
Stanley, Mr. J., Eton 2 Copies
Shevey, Mrs., Eton
Simson, Mrs., Eton
Sullivan, Lawrence, Esq.
Sullivan, Mr., Eton
Spicer, John, Esq., Esher
Spicer, John, jun., Esher
Spicer, Mrs., Esher
Spicer, Miss, Esher
Scott, Walter, Esq. 2 Copies
Stevenson, T., Esq., Euston Square
Simpson, Mr., Eton
Simpson, Mr., jun., Eton
Strode, Mrs., Kensington Palace
Saunders, George, Esq.
Skinner, Mrs., Islington
Shephard, C.M.S., Esq., Gray’s Inn Square
Sidebottom, E.V., Esq., Temple 2 Copies
Shepherd, H.J., Esq.
Scarlett, James, Esq., Guildford Street
Spankie, R., Esq., Mitre Court Buildings
Sedgwick, J., Esq.
Staveley, James, Esq., Mitre Court, Temple
Skirrow, J., Esq., Gower Street
Sudell, Mr., Eton
Sudell, Mr. H., Eton
Sutton, ——, Esq. 2 Copies
Spencer, Mr., Eton 3 Copies
Stuart, John, Esq.
Slingsby, J., Esq., Cambridge
Scarlett, R.C., Esq., Cambridge
Stanton, Humphrey, Esq., Manchester
Scott, Mr. Robert, Cheapside
Steele, Mr., Chingford
Sayer, Miss, Manchester
Sayer, Miss O., Manchester
Strangways, John, Esq., Distaff Lane
Tavistock, the Marquis of 2 Copies
Tew, Rev. Mr., Vice Provost of Eton
Topping, James, Esq., K.C.
Turner, Rev. J., Eton
Townsend, George, Esq., Twickenham
Taylor, Colonel, Windsor 2 Copies
Torrens, Colonel, Horse Guards
Taddy, Wm., Esq., Temple
Tomson, Wm., Esq., Brentford 10 Copies
Tomson, Mrs., Brentford
Tolfrey, Samuel, Esq., Twickenham
Toller, Mr.
Trower, H., Esq.
Thelluson, C., Esq
Tolcher, Henry, Esq., Plymouth
Tufnell, Mrs., Eton
Townley, Mr., Eton
Tindall, Mr., Eton
Travers, John, Esq., Broad Street
Travers, Mr.
Trotter, ——, Esq., Wimpole 2 Copies
Tickell, Joseph, Esq.
Taylor, Edward, Esq.
Taylor, Mrs., Eton
Valentia, Right Hon. Lord Viscount
Vashon, Admiral, Ludlow
Vashon, Mrs., Ludlow
Vashon, Rev. James, Salwarp 2 Copies
Vaughan, Herbert, Esq., Liverpool
Vince, Rev. S.
Vivian, Mr., Eton
Vaughan, Miss, Liverpool
Upton, Hon. Mr.
Winchester, Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of 10 Copies
Wallscourt, Lord, Eton
Wrey, Sir Bourchier, Bart., Pall Mall
Way, Benjamin, Esq. 2 Copies
Way, Lewis, Esq.
Way, Rev. William
Way, Lieutenant Colonel, G.B.
Way, Rev. George
Wrey, B., Esq., Pall Mall
Wrey, Miss, Pall Mall
Western, Rev. Dr., Eton
Wrangham, Rev. Francis, Hunmanby
Wright, Rev. Thomas, Otten Belchamp
Watson, Rev. George, Great Horkesley
Willis, J., Esq.
Willis, Rev. W.J. 2 Copies
Ward, Hon. Mr.
Wharton, Mrs., Grafton Street 2 Copies
Walter, Wm. Esq., Auditor’s Office
White, Captain T., R.N., Deal
Winn, Hon. G.
Wilberforce, Wm., Esq., M.P. 2 Copies
Watts, David Pike, Esq. 10 Copies
Williams, C.F. Esq.
Williams, Richard, Esq., Temple
Williams, Mr., Queen’s Square
Williams, Captain, R.N.
Wylde, John, Esq., Boswell Court
Wilde, Thomas, Esq., Eltham 20 Copies
Wilde, E.A., Esq., Warwick Square
Wylde, W., Esq., R.N., Thirsk
Wylde, Miss, Thirsk 2 Copies
Wasse, Jonah, Esq., Thirsk
Warren, J.W. Esq.
Williams, Peter, Esq., Temple
Wells, Mrs.
Ward, B. Esq.
Williams, ——, Esq., P.P., Cambridge
Wilkinson, T., Esq., Highbury
Wilkinson, C., Esq., Highbury
Watts, Miss, Eton
Wright, Mr., Eton
Windsor Book Club
Woodhouse, Mrs., Twickenham
Wills, Robert, Esq., jun.
Walthew, Miss, Staines
Wyatt, Mr., Eton
Wishaw, J., Esq.
Wilson, Mr., Eton
Wells, Mr., Eton
Wilson, Mr.
Wyatt, Mr., Eton
Wilkins, Mr., Eton
White, John, Esq., Devonshire Place 2 Copies
Whitmore, Mr., Eton
Wright, C. Esq.
Warren, Charles, Esq., Stone Buildings
Walbank, W., Esq., Sowerby, Yorkshire
Walker, R. Esq., Northallerton, Yorkshire
Walker, William, Esq., Thirsk, do. 2 Copies
Walker, Mrs., Thirsk, Yorkshire 2 Copies
Walker, Miss, Thirsk, do. 2 Copies
Walker, Charles, Esq., Thirsk, do. 2 Copies
Walker, Mrs. Charles, Thirsk 2 Copies
Watson, Mr., Manchester 2 Copies
Watson, Mrs., Manchester
Watson, Mr., Jonathan, Manchester
Watson, Miss, Manchester
Wright, Mr. Griffith, Leeds
Yorke, Rev. Philip, Prebend of Ely
Yonge, Charles, Esq., Master at Eton College 10 Copies
Yellowly, Dr., M.D.
Yorke, ——, Esq., Wimpole
Yorke, Mrs., Wimpole

Gustavus Vasa.


State of Sweden at the commencement of the Poem—A Council—Trollio—Bernheim—Ernestus—Christiern proposes the reduction of Dalecarlia—Ernestus opposes him, is committed to prison—Christiern takes his measures to oppose a rebellion just arisen in Denmark.

Gustavus Vasa,