Dialstone Lane, Part 2.

Produced by David Widger


By W. W. Jacobs


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“He Waylaid Him on Several Occasions to Inquire Into The Progress he Was Making.”

“‘Done With It?’ Repeated the Girl, in a Startled Voice.”

“Mr. Chalk Entered, Leading Mr. Stobell.”

“He Moved It out Bodily and Looked Behind And Beneath It.”

“She Stood Face to Face With the Stern Realities Of Life.”

“He Made out a Girl’s Head Surmounted by A Large Hat.”

“He Passed his Cup up for More Coffee.”

“‘This is a New Client of Mine,’ Said Tredgold.”

“Mr. Tredgold Prepared to Draw up the Required Agreement.”

“‘Fine Day, Gentlemen,’ Said the Stranger, As he Raised His Glass.”

“His Three Patrons, With a Hopeless Attempt to Appear Unconcerned, Were Coming Down the Road”

“Captain Brisket Waving Farewells from the Quay As They Embarked.”






Mr. Chalk’s expedition to the Southern Seas became a standing joke with the captain, and he waylaid him on several occasions to inquire into the progress he was making, and to give him advice suitable for all known emergencies at sea, together with a few that are unknown. Even Mr. Chalk began to tire of his pleasantries, and, after listening to a surprising account of a Scotch vessel which always sailed backwards when the men whistled on Sundays, signified his displeasure by staying away from Dialstone Lane for some time.

'he Waylaid Him on Several Occasions to Inquire Into The Progress he Was Making.'

Deprived of his society the captain consoled himself with that of Edward Tredgold, a young man for whom he was beginning to entertain a strong partiality, and whose observations of Binchester folk, flavoured with a touch of good-natured malice, were a source of never-failing interest.

“He is very wide-awake,” he said to his niece. “There isn’t much that escapes him.”

Miss Drewitt, gazing idly out of window, said that she had not noticed it.

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